Specialists in sunscreen films

Our experience in the installation of sunscreen films for 18 years, as well as the continuous development of expertise in the field, led us to create a professional space, properly designed for this. Our cooperation with distinguished companies in the automotive industry in sunscreen films, as well as in accessories, aim to fully meet the needs of each customer.

Accessories for the whole car

In our company you can find various accessories for the internal or external improvement of your car. With full specialization in service provision and a large retail and wholesale clientele, we build a two-way relationship of trust and loyalty every day.


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We are located at 292 Thevon Avenue, Egaleo. You can contact us by landline at +30 217 700 1633 or by mobile at +30 6936 844 979. Also if you wish to contact us via email you can contact us at [email protected]

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